Rainwater Harvesting

rainwater-harvestingDomestic Use: This system can be configured as a gravity or direct pumped unit. In a gravity fed rainwater harvesting system, collected rainwater from the roof enters the outside underground holding tank where it is filtered and pumped to a storage tank in the roof space where it is fed via gravity flow to usage ie. toilets, washing machine or outside taps, this system has a mains back up function (recommended)  .When the main underground holding tank outside is full excess rainwater is expelled from the holding tank via an overflow and passes into the storm drain. Domestic rainwater harvesting systems are available in various sizes depending on the available roof area and volume of usage required.

A commercial rainwater harvesting solution can benefit your business by reducing your water bills and, dependant upon your business function, ensure business continuity in the event of mains water failure or hosepipe bans.Commercial rainwater harvesting systems are available in pressurised and non-pressurised configurations. Pressurised systems pump stored rainwater at normal pressure directly to service points and are suited to sites where an elevated holding tank us not required or feasible.


Non-pressurised rainwater harvesting systems pump stored rainwater to an elevated holding tank.  Services are fed by gravity from the elevated tank.  As the gravity feed system is not electrically dependent it will function in the event of a power cut.